Check out examples of my work. From web design to sequential comic art to custom illustrations, I offer a wide array of services. If you'd like to vontact me about a specific item in my portfolio, please click the contact icon next to each item.

Kassel Coover

Design of a personal website for freelance writer. The site was designed to be simple, fast, and clean to give the information quickly and clearly.

Technolgies and tools used in site design include HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop.

Business Casual

Webcomic site design that is clean and easy to navigate. The site incorporates several features such as an online PayPal store, a commenting system, revenue generating ads, and analytical trackers.

Technologies used on site include PHP, mySQL, CSS, HTML, Web Services, RSS, mod_rewrite. Comics and graphics were created in Adobe Photoshop and Paint.NET.

Chrisitian Musicians Workshop

Created webiste to showcase a group of amateur musicians' works. At one time, the site incorporated a PayPal store where visitors would purchase and download mp3s. The site later changed to offer free downloads.

Technologies used on site include PHP, mySQL, CSS, HTML and Flash. I also used created the music preview clips by using some music editing software.

Tomato TV

Authored back-end adminstration panels and scripted dynamic pages for webcomic hub. Custom site was designed to handle multiple sets of data(comics) and be self-sustaining.

Site technologies include PHP, mySQL, CSS, and HTML.